Amazing Place : Gölyazı

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If you decided visit Bursa and you have a couple of days, you must see Gölyazı. Of course if you love nature and looking for calm place.
Firs of all   Gölyazı is a Turkish town founded on Lake Uluabat. Gölyazı was founded by the Ancient Greeks, but remains of the Roman period are abundant. Every year the town holds the Stork Festival and until the 20th century, Manavlar and Greeks lived together. In ancient times it was known as Apolloniatis The name Gölyazı means Fisherwoman. 
When you visit Gölyazı, you can see place of interest. Because of this many photographer come Gölyazı every time. According to me, visiting time should be sunrise or sunset.  By the way three or four hours are enough for visit and spend time for Gölyazı because this village very small. You can tour around just 20 minutes.
  • Terminal ---> Firstly put on 93 and change bus on Küçük Sanayi station and put on 5/G.
  • City Center -> Getting Metro ( University) and stop Küçük sanayi station. Walk to buses and put on 5/G