Bursa Transportation

Generally my foreign friends have difficulty about Bursa transportation. There are many reasons but one reason is important. Google do not show every means of transport. Of course there is not enough information on websites.
So I decided to give some important ways on Bursa.  First of all this is Bursa transportation website :   ( Bus and other transportation informations)
Actually Bursa has big transportation network. You can use metro, bus and minibus on Bursa. Google do not show minibus way. If you want to use minibus you can find them near the Kent Meydanı AVM . They go to everywhere to Bursa.

Sea Transportation
You can use İDO or BUDO . You should arrange buying time as for that  date of travel. If you buy earlier you can be profitable. You must contrast to company.

This is BUDO website :    Getting off Mudanya.
This is İDO websites :   Getting off Güzelyalı ( Mudanya)
When get off Mudanya you can put on bus and go to metro station. You must put on metro for arrive city center. ( Osmangazi or Şehreküstü station)
There is no way between terminal and city center . You must use buses for arrive city center then you can put on metro.
Bursa's metro line is very long and gather two part of city .

You can use this buses line for arrive teleferik. Teleferik transport Uludağ.
  • Heykel -  S/1 or S/2  buses.  (Also there are minibus. )
  • Kent Meydanı - 15/A or 15/B buses.
  • Uludağ University - E/12 or  E/13
  • Terminal-  94
  • Mudanya Deniz Otobüsü İskelesi - F/3
  • Temenyeri- G/3

If you have question, you comment please. Also ıf you need a guide for travel Bursa you contact to me with my socia media accounts :) I want to help :)